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Villa Vanila Spices, Flavors and Gardens Tour Antonio/Quepos.

All that the good Earth has to offer.

Villa Vanilla Spice Plantation is a sustainable organic spice farm in Costa Rica. We are certified organic and biodynamic and grow a variety of spices and essential oil plants, including vanilla, cocoa, and ceylon (true) cinnamon.

Villa Vanilla Spice Plantation is located in the Central Pacific rain forest 10 miles east of Quepos overlooking Manuel Antonio National Park. The plantation includes 27 acres of agriculture production and 125 acres of primary and secondary rainforest. Cash crops include our major spice - vanilla, plus true ceylon cinnamon, cocoa, black pepper, allspice, turmeric, and a variety of exotic fruits, essential oil and medicinal plants. We also showcase our unique collection of epiphytes (airplants) including orchids, bromeliads, and tilandsias.

Vanilla is the most popular flavor in the world and is the plantation’s major crop. Native to Central America and Mexico, it is also the second most expensive flavoring agent and the reason for its high cost is the labor-intensive nature of vanilla cultivation and processing. Each vanilla orchid is carefully fertilized by hand and during pollination season, visitors learn how to pollinate vanilla flowers. Vanilla is the only edible member of the orchid family, the largest plant family on the planet. The Spice Plantation Tour is a half day tour and is available in the morning or afternoon. You will experience the sights, tastes, and aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and other tropical spices, essential oil plants, and a wide variety of tropical ornamental plants.


Tour include:
A/C, insure and comfortable transporatation. See   Nature and bilingual guide.    Cold beverages.    Fruits.    Snacks.

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Experience our Spice Plantation Tour!

Because of tourist demand from the hotels in the Manuel Antonio National Park/Quepos area, we have initiated a “Spice Plantation Tour“ where we explain and identify the various aromatic spices, medicinal plants, and essential oil plants to visitors. The tour is a gentle walk through the plantation and is very sensory, with multiple stops for tasting and smelling along the way and includes our new "Flavors of the World" tasting - an assortment of gourmet spice treats and drinks prepared by our in-house pastry chef. As proponents of sustainable development we are also proud to demonstrate the cultural practices we apply on our farm which has been certified organic since 1992 and biodynamic since 2000. For more information on visiting the plantation, check out our Spice Plantation Tour page.

What's being said about the plantation tour:

"Best food tour on Costa Rica's central Pacific coast!"
”Truly a paradise where we toured a vanilla plantation unique of its kind that is visited by students and researchers from many countries.” SABORES Culinary Magazine
"Loaded with goodies we purchased from the shop we departed Villa Vanilla…with a sense that we had experienced all that the good earth had to offer.” Nature Landings Travel Magazine

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