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Safary boat ride to Tarcoles river with the crocodile man.

Tropical mangrove and adventure.

Jungle Crocodile Safari’s tour time is two hours. Our bilingual tourist guide offers expert orientation about the crocodiles and other associated wildlife. On the way downstream, the boat heads along the Estero Guacalillo, a most awesome mangrove ecosystem that features four different species of mangrove trees. In addition to sightseeing, photography and videotaping are permited.

Tourists receive a bottle of cold drinking water along with a brochure that shows all 56 bird species commonly sighted along the river.

he best way to catch sight of these beautiful creatures is on board the boats of The Jungle Crocodile Safari on the Tarcoles River. The Tarcoles is located in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica, close to Carara National Park. There you can observe more than 50 species of native, migratory and costal birds. Our tour also travels through mangroves, the refuge of the Scarlet Macaw where its presence is frequent. During our two-hour journey down the Tarcoles, you can observe the birds from a short distance while accompanied by a bilingual guide. The tour also includes an informative bird pamphlet and bottled water.

in the mangroves of Guacalillo it’s possible to observe the Mangrove Warbler, Mangrove vireo, Panama Flycatcher, and the American Pygmy Kingfisher among others.


Tour include:
A/C, insure and comfortable transporatation. See   Experienced and bilingual guides.    Cold beverages.    Fruits.    Lunch.'

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