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Tours in Costa Rica
San José city tour   
San José was founded in 1737 and is now one of the most cosmopolitan Central American capital, rich in culture and history. We enter the ornately decorated National Theater (Teatro Nacional), proudly seen as "the jewel of the nation." At the National Museum (Museo Nacional), we get an overview of 10,000 years of Costa Rica's history, including the many centuries before the arrival of Columbus when this was a meeting-place for Meso-American and Andean cultures. We also ride by the National Park, well shaded by tropical trees, and pass the Old Liquor Factory, one of the oldest buildings in the city, which has been converted into a performing arts center.
Poás Volcano and Peace Waterfalls  
Poas Volcano has the third biggest crater of the World, with 4.265 Ft. of diameter and 984 Ft of depth. Like it is not an active volcano, you can be on the crater side and take amazing photos with the crater showing in the back to you and to the Caribbean coast also. It is Also enjoyable to see clouding forest makes these trips unforgotten. Into the Poas National Park is easy enjoy the picturesque flora, the spectacular Museum, gift store, the Bottos Lagoon trail and the Volcano. Also included in this tour is the visit of The Peace Waterfall.
Tirimbina Nature adventure   
Hike the trails of the Reserve for 2–3 hours with a trained naturalist guide to help uncover and interpret the secrets of the tropical rainforest. Discover wildlife hideouts, learn rainforest natural history, and hike some of the more remote trails of the Reserve. One of the attractive feature of Tirimbina is the nearly 860-foot suspension bridge over the Rió Sarapiquí. Midway across the bridge, the river flows around a natural island, which we explore in search of local wildlife before continuing along the bridge to the river's opposite bank.
Tortuguero river wilderness expedition  
One of Costa Rica's most popular ecotourism destinations, the canals, rivers, beaches and lagoons of Tortuguero National Park are a study of the Rainforest, freshwater and marine biology. The park and small town of Tortuguero are accessible by boat or small aircraft. When people think of Rainforest, the first thing that automatically comes to their minds is Tortuguero.
Relax time in Arenal Volcano natural hot springs   
You will have a nice relax atmosphere into one of the hot springs pools that have different temperature, also you can enjoy of the wonderful tropical garden where the exotic "bird of the paradise flower" (Heliconias) could be part of your memories. Also at this the place have one Azteca pyramid that offer you a great view to the volcano. You will also find for your convenience, swimming pools,bathrooms, hammacks, wet bar,restaurant, lockers,water slides, walking trails, thermal river, showers and SPA.
Arenal Volcano night to admire lava   
Later on we take you to one great point close to the National Park and the local cattle farms, where it is possible to see the lava flow and hear the rocks falling down through the volcano wall. The dark of the night, the relaxing sound of the river and the scenery make it easy to have unforgettable memories of this beauty natural show that look like "firewords".
Arenal National Park and lake  
The exciting rain forest National Park of Arenal surrounded the Volcano making it one of favorite for the visitor. One of the trail called La Colada del 92 (Sediments of rocks that fell in the eruption of 1992) Take you to enjoy the flora and fauna, after one hour of easy hiking you will be on the rocks of the 1992 eruption, it is close and safe point to the crater. Here you can see and hear the rock coming through one of the volcano side and also have a wonderful view of the Arenal Lake. Then of the visit to Park we move to the lake dam to see the sunset.
Suspended brindges into Monteverde cloud forest   
Monteverde is nowadays the biggest Cloud forest of all Central America. Showing a largest number of animal`s species, such as the amazing Bell Bird, Resplendent Quetzal and the extinct Golden Toad. All is enjoyable from the top of the trees, on the Zip line (Canopy tour) or the suspended bridges. Whatever you want, adventure or naturalist, the place offer you both options to known about the riches of this famous point.
Cheese factory and Monteverde highlights  
Many People who visit Monteverde miss the cheese factory tour because they think it will be two hours of cheese talk. This tour covers far more than just dairy products. The history of the cheese factory is closely intertwined with the history of Monteverde. Most everyone who visits Monteverde learns that the community was founded by Quakers escaping the draft during the Korean War because their peaceful religious beliefs do not allow them to serve. Not everyone realizes that all seven of these families made their living farming dairy cattle, and were reliant on the cheese factory for money, jobs and the majority of the food that sustained the community.
Orchids farm.   
Odyssey offers a tour to show our visitors the orchid world, the most massive and beautiful family in the plant kingdom. Guests will learn about orchids in general as well as practical tips on orchid care. Walking through our greenhouses you will have the opportunity to see the different type of orchid hybrids that we export around the world and our orchid collection with species of our country and from around the world.
Carara bird´s watching paradise   
Located in a transition zone between the dry forest and humid forest, this reserve protects ecosystems not found in any other conservation area. It is an island of forest completely surrounded by land dedicated to human activities. Created to facilitate investigations, scientific studies, and environment education. This area is considered an excellent living laboratory in which you can study the structure and function of the tropical ecosystems and the relation between them. Carara has several ecosystems like the cinagas, lagoons and gallery forests, secondary and primary. The wild life is very abundant. You can notice white faced monkeys, two toed sloth´s, and one of the favorite bird the scarlet macaw.
Jacó beach and sunset   
In the afternoon you have time on your own to go the town of Jaco to enjoy the beach and the local shopping stores. This place offer to visitor differents restaurants, activities and sceneries options, like Los Sueños Marina, Herradura bay, Playa Hermosa (surfing beach) or the mountains surrounding all these places. In the evening you can see the sunset in The amphitheater at Villa Caletas Resort, this resort has the best view of the area for the 1.150 feets above sea level. From here depending of the season it is possible see Whales passing in front of us in couples, going or coming of their nesting time.
Manuel Antonio rain forest and exotic beach  
One of Costa Rica's premier tourist´s destination, Manuel Antonio National Park combines natural primary and secondary forests, exuberant wildlife, and pristine beaches in one amazing location on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, only seven kilometers south of Quepos. Manuel Antonio's distinctive Cathedral Point takes center stage in the many breathtaking vistas that punctuate the winding drive between Quepos and the National Park entrance. Cathedral Point was actually once an island, but thousands of years of geological action connected it to the mainland with a natural land bridge.
Coffee tour and Sarchi (handycraft) town visit   
Our organic coffee fields and roasting facilities, where our professional actors/guides will lead you on an entertaining multimedia tour describing the journey of the World's Finest Coffee from plantation to cup! Here you will also discover coffee's vital role in forging Costa Rican democracy and cultivating a national identity around hard-working, peace-loving, friendly and environmentally conscious "Ticos," as Costa Ricans affectionately call themselves. Discover the hidden secrets of coffee's lifecycle, from plantation to cup. Be a part of the tradition`s history and incredible world expansion of the marvelous coffee bean, which is today one of Costa Rica's principal exports.
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